Handcrafted cat house, pet bed, natural cat bed


This natural wool felt cat cave is perfect for your cat to sleep and play with. This cat bed is an adorable and comfortable bed for your beloved cat. This cat cave is made of 100%  wool. It is hand-felted in Nepal by our hard-working Nepalese craftswomen. It is a pure wool cat cave that will help your cat feel warm and cozy.

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Usage: Cats are naturally attracted by the wool odor. Now, you can settle your little friend in a little cushy, woolen cat cave since they like the lanolin odor of wool that is similar to the odor of the fur around the nipples of the kitten’s mother.

Techniques: Felt is handmade. Wet felting technique. Wet felting wool is a centuries-old craft used to make everything from tents to clothing. Wool is felted only using warm water and organic soap.

Smell: wool, soap, smoke-free home

Touch: soft, wooly

We encourage custom orders with specializations in design, shape, size, color and/or any other physical attributes. For color options, you might select the preferred colors from the color chart mentioned in the listing.


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