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Felted Silk Red Scarf


Felted Silk Red Scarf


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Silk scarf red autumn, felted silk

  • Large nuno felted silk scarf *

Colours: Red, black, beige
Size: 180cm x 45cm
(this is handiwork and size can be a little different)

Pattern is laid on the natural silk with different colors of merino wool, whole is a long rubbed in water. Merino wool fibers pass through the silk and join together. Combination of wool and silk is very durable and plastic. Felted silk scarf is always created in a unique piece. Silk scarf can be worn in many ways. Scarf can be hand washed and ironed. Our silk scarves (silk shawls) are different from the typical stiff felt scarves because they are made from the highest quality merino wool and genuine 100% silk. You can be sure that your scarf is unique.

Silk cape, shawl can be washed by hand in warm water and iron set to silk.
Silk cape, shawl will be ready for shipping within 3-4 business days for urgent orders, please contact us.



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