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Cat Cave


Cat Cave



This cat bed is a cute decoration for your interior and comfortable bed for your beloved cat.

This cat bed is made form 100% natural products.
It was produced from merino wool. In wet felting process were used only hot water and soap. Bed is strong, persistent and gentle for skin.

Cat bed is available in any your chosen color please take a look to the the last picture and choose your favorite color.

XXS and XXXS beds suited for small pets: hamsters, rats, hedgehogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, available sizes:

XXXS size bed (length x width x height) 6x6x4 inches (15x15x10 cm). Best for rodents, hamsters, rats, hedgehogs;

XXS size bed (length x width x height) 9.8×9.8×5 inches (25x25x13 cm). Best for ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs.

Please choose bed size according to your cat weight:

XS size is for small kittens, cat house size (length x width x height) 14x14x6 inches (35x35x15 cm);

S size is for small kitties up to 9 pounds (up to 4 kg), cat house size (length x width x height) 15x15x7 inches (38x38x18 cm);

M size is for mid size cats of 9-11 pounds ( 4-5 kg), cat house size (length x width x height) 16x16x8 inches (40x40x20 cm);

L size is for bigger cats 12-15 pounds (6-7 kg), cat house size (length x width x height) 17x17x8 inches (43x43x20 cm);

XL size is for big cats 16-20 pounds (8-9 kg), cat house size (length x width x height) 19x19x10 inches (48x48x25 cm);

XXL size is for really big cats weighing 21 pounds and more (10 kg and more), cat house size (length x width x height) 21,5×21,5×10 inches (55x55x25 cm).

These beds could be used for small puppies as well. Please contact me about size before ordering. Puppies might need bigger bed and bigger opening depending on their size and breed.

Hand wash in warm (not hot) water or in washing machine using gentle washing program suitable for wool. Use special detergent suitable for wool. After washing – form it and leave it to dry.

Made In Nepal!



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